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Dunlopillo Royal Sovreign Mattress


Awarded a Which? Best Buy in 2016, the Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign Mattress is a timeless classic for a great night's sleep!

Made from 21cm of 100% pure latex, the Royal Sovereign features a perfectly balanced medium firmness: designed to offer you a revitalising slumber.

With 7 comfort zones the Royal Sovereign is perfect if you suffer from every day aches and pains. With softer zones to cushion your shoulders and firmer zones to align your spine, you can enjoy a deeper, more refreshing sleep.

The Royal Sovereign uses a revolutionary open cell structure in its latex for outstanding breathability with pressure-relieving properties. Drift off into a cool and rejuvenating sleep!

Single-sided for your convenience, the Royal Sovereign benefits from advanced durability: no need to flip or rotate your mattress. Perfect for your health and wellbeing, the Royal Sovereign is hypoallergenic with a soft-touch, knitted cover, infused with Actipro technology.

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Key Details

Natural Dunlopillo latex for blissful sleep

Seven comfort zones with tailored support

Progressive comfort to respond to your unique shape

Pressure-relieving technology for a refreshing night’s sleep

Breathable properties for enhanced temperature regulation

Luxurious medium support

18cm total mattress depth

Hypoallergenic for a healthy sleep environment

Durable for supreme support

Knitted cover with Actipro technology for a healthier sleep environment

Single-sided for your benefit

8 Year Guarantee

Made in the UK


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